Find new products

With the mission of increasing our growth, the business management and product development department is the research center dedicated to finding new products and services to increase our portfolio.

Analysis Opportunities

After the presentation of our BMPD department, our financial team takes care to analyze the opportunity, the risks and the necessary needs in terms of licenses and patents to be able to sell it.

Invest to build and sell it

After the evaluation of the opportunity and the various financial parameters, we invest in the creation or acquisition of the product to integrate it into our product portfolio and then sell it to our customers.

About Us

We are the next Unicorn to be born in Haiti

Our development and financial team has only one goal, to reach 1 billion gourdes in terms of valuation and products and to continue to create more impact.

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Our board of directors team

Chairman / Founder / CEO

Val Wolff

Head of Operations

Alexa C. Edouard

Head of Corporate Relations

Charles Courtois

Head Of Products

Darby Don Sony

I want to invest directly in a product or create a joint venture with you.


Some Questions & A.

Our power of choice is untrammelled?

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